Hi! I'm Gabriela

Certified life purpose coach and energy healer. I help people to connect with their inner self, find greater meaning and purpose in their life experiences, get absolutely clear about what they REALLY want, and start creating the life that they want.

As a result of working with me, my clients have made peace with their past, discovered their unique talents and passions, removed blocks that were holding them back, and developed self-confidence to start the process of making their dreams a living reality.

If you are interested in upgrading your mindset, get your power back to take those actions you’ve been avoiding for a long time, and start living a life full of meaning and purpose, book your FREE Initial Consultation now. 

Today you can choose to become the creator of your most amazing life. 

Soul Purpose Coaching

As a black girl born in an extremely poor family in the Dominican Republic in the 80s, my possibilities of success in life looked very limited. Today as a black women in my mid 30s which speaks 3 languages, has travelled through Europe, North Africa, North America, India and worked at one of the most successful companies in the World for years, I look back at my life and I think “My past or my current possibilities cannot determine my future.”

I’ve had to overcome many challenging situations in my life such as serious illness, heartbreaks, painful friendships breakup, professional dissatisfaction, depression, addictions and migrating to different countries, until I realised that unconsciously I actually was “using the energy of every single issue, challenge, struggle or difficult moment in my life as the fuel to get where I REALLY wanted to be.” After that realisation, I have become even more passionate about personal development, the power of the mind and emotions, life energies and meditation which truly transformed my life.

During my journey of self realisation, I spent time in an ashram in India where I connected with my inner spiritual self and became fully involved with life. I also spent time alone in the forest undertaking an ancient indigenous practice of a ‘Vision Quest’ where I understood that I was ready to start fulfilling my soul’s mission. Besides living life to its fullest without fear to the unknown, I have realised my soul purpose involves helping others to become aware that “the Universe is providing us with everything we need in every single moment of our journey, and that we have the power to create our own emotions, so becoming a winner or a victim in every life situation is 100% our choice.”

Today, I live life with true ease, I am aware of my thoughts and create my inner experience of life the way I want it. I am always conscious that life is temporary and feel wonderful just to wake up every morning. I am continuing my journey of self realisation, spiritual development and am passionate about inspiring others to start looking at their biggest challenges as an opportunity to transform themselves by using that energy to become a creator and manifest their most amazing reality “because when we live our life in purpose and allow live to happen for you, the World becomes a playground.”

Soul Purpose Coaching

Coaching With Me

I work with my clients on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for a deep personal transformation. I have developed my own coaching style to help you to Forgive your past, Accept your present and Manifest your most amazing future. 
I am certified in the following coaching modalities:
  • Get absolutely clear about what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are so you can stop living everyone else’s dreams 
  • Identify blocks that hold you back so you can become unstoppable
  • Overcome fear of change, rejection and failure so you can feel confident pursuing your dreams
  • Develop self-mastery by reprogramming limiting beliefs
  • Develop a growth mindset so you know without a doubt that nothing can stand in your way again
  • Learn how thoughts and emotions work to create your life experience
  • Manage your emotions and experience life the way you want it
  • Start living in flow and never overwhelmed by life stress
  • Forgive the past and stop worrying about the future
  • Stop feeling stuck when facing challenges
  • Increase motivation and personal power
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Learn about the importance of Unconditional Love 
  • Through forgiveness, experience a happy, healthy & balanced life
  • Finally release those old patterns and pains
  • Be able see the person who abused you with absolute neutrality and compassion
  • Ignore that self-deprecating internal dialogue that is constantly getting you down
  • Find greater meaning and purpose in your life
  • Eliminate limiting belief systems and take your power back
  • Discover your unique gifts and passion
  • Use your gifts and life experience to make a difference
  • Visualise and manifest your future
  • Overcome conditioning and negative patterns 
  • Incorporate spirituality to transform your own life (No need to be religious)
  • Connect with life beyond logic, by tapping into intuitive awareness
  • Experience love and positivity in every moment of your live
  • Fall in love with life by tapping into alignment, success, and freedom
  • Connect with your higher self and the energy of the source of creation
  • Experience a power bigger than yourself
  • Learn to surrender and allow life to happen for you
  • Gain the physical & emotional benefits of activating your energy centers (chakras)
  • Balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • Release negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness or jealousy
  • Release stress and tension 
  • Let go of negative thought patterns
  • Learn proper deep breathing techniques
  • Increase your spiritual consciousness

These skills include increased self-awareness and empathy, improved communication and listening abilities, and a range of counselling tools that enhance interpersonal relationships. Also provided me with the essential foundational elements needed as part of enrolment for my further qualification in the BSc Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy which I studied for two years.


  • Transformational Life Coach
  • Life Purpose Life Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coach
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Forgiveness Life Coach
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills
  • Meditation Practitioner/Teacher
  • Chakra Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Unleashed by Christine Hassler
  • Speak For Ultimate Impact by Lisa Nichols
  • Spiritual Development by Ross Place
  • Inner Engineering Completion by Sadhguru
  • Classical Yoga Workshop at Isha Yoga Center in India
  • Angelic Healing Practicioner Diploma